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Energy Supply

TotalGEN Services manages all of the activities necessary to build and operate a Combined Heat & Power (CHP) plant to the benefit of the client and the investor-owned facility. The CHP burns natural gas to drive a small turbine that generates the power necessary to drive the generator. The exhaust heat of the CHP generates the required steam.

TotalGEN’s financial approach controls energy pricing by generating power and steam at the plant independent of outside sources. In short, TotalGEN produces the plant’s energy on an outsourced basis, with minimum savings of 25% annually, by installing and operating a combined heat & power facility contiguous to the plant.

How does it work? By looking at capital project funding from an entirely different point of view.

The CHP benefits

Reduce plant energy costs by ~25%

Replace expensive grid power

TotalGEN builds / own / operates facility

Low cost steam capacity expansion

Substantially lowers plant carbon intensity

Combined Heat & Power Plant

The captured exhaust heat creates a system that converts up to 90% of the heat energy CHP has power consumed/power delivered ratios that can exceed 90% - far surpassing efficiencies of conventional processes for power and steam generation. This translates to significant energy cost savings and greatly reduced carbon intensity per gallon of ethanol produced.

This TotalGEN Services model is transformational. The incremental financial benefits of this approach far exceed any other methodology targeting cost/gallon price reductions.